The Keys to Obtaining and Refinancing Your College Loan

The importance of education cannot be denied. However, getting a good education today requires a lot of money. For a student from an average economical background, a good education could be quite out of reach without external financial help. In such circumstances, obtaining a student loan is the best option for him or her.

This is a loan that is taken out to pay for the borrower's college education. These loans have a payback period spread over a relatively long time, and carry lower interest rates as compared to other kinds of loans. Student loans can be sponsored either privately, or by the government. Of the two, government-sponsored loans are preferable because they offer lower rates of interest.

The other advantages are that the interest paid on a government loan is tax deductible, the repayment can sometimes be deferred if the borrower goes back to school and, in certain cases, the loan can even be forgiven. Private loans on the other hand, whether secured or unsecured, are treated no differently from other types of loans, and have to be paid back similarly. A good credit rating is necessary for securing a student loan, and a bad credit rating would adversely affect the application, as it is with other loans. It is therefore advisable to look for student loans that do not accord top priority to credit history or ratings. The rate of interest applicable to the loan is very important and should be one of the prime considerations when selecting a loan.

A careful survey of the available options is warranted to ensure securing the loan that carries the lowest rate of interest. During the course of a student's education, a number of loans may be required in order to cater for the entire expenses. Since loans have to be repaid, prudent consideration should be given to the nature of employment expected to be available on completion of college education, and the salary it would yield. This would form the core of the funds used for the repayment.

Another option for repayment is refinancing of the loan. Student loan refinancing is very common these days and a great many options are available. Consolidating them into a single loan, through refinancing, clears off separate loans.

Refinancing offers a lower installment amount and a lower interest rate, which is spread over a considerably long time span, facilitating easy handling and repayment. However, by consolidating a government loan with a private loan, you ultimately end up paying much more than you would have on the separate loans. Hence, if both federal and private student loans need to be repaid through refinancing, they should not be consolidated into one loan, as the interest rates would be lower for the government loans, than that of the private ones. The best way then would be to refinance them separately in order to avoid paying a higher interest rate on the combined principal.

Furthermore, a good credit history would allow getting good interest rates on refinancing, In all, the salient points would be to borrow to cover only what is absolutely necessary, get loans at the minimum possible interest rates, maintain a good credit history, avoid mixing government and private loans while consolidating, and being prompt in your loan repayments.

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