Money Melee: What Milton Friedman said-and why he's right Forty-four years ago, at the end of the brief book A Program for Monetary Stability, the legendary Chicago economist Milton Friedman offered a rather tentative proposal. He said it might be best if the Federal Reserve gave up trying to fine.

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Forex dealers' perspectives on exchange rate determination in Korea This paper reports on a survey of dealers in the Korean foreign exchange market. The trade balance and foreign portfolio investment are reported to be the two most important variables in determining the exchange rate. Although dealers believe that fundamental factors are important, their decisions.

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Ion exchange resins unique: solutions to formulation problems: some of the common problems faced by formulators and how using ion exchange resins may be able to solve them are discussed Ion exchange resins have been used to help formulate pharmaceuticals since the late 1950s. During that time, they have proven to be safe and effective excipients and are now used in many commercial formulations throughout the world.

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You won't make money, so make love; that, more or less, is the advice of the billionaire Warren Buffett: even if the Iraq war ends quickly, the world economy still has multiple problems - Features Once the shooting starts, the stock market will wobble again like it did earlier this month, when it lost 6 per cent on Wednesday, falling to an eight-year low, only to climb back 15 per cent by the following Tuesday. "Wobble", by the way, is intended to suggest movement in one direction then the other.

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Saving a buck or two: it's money in your pocket, the AAFES way Fine dust blows across a dirt road that runs in between tents, heat shimmers the images of Airmen walking to work, a bright red mountain bike is parked outside a tent like a horse tethered to a hitching post.

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Affiliation of Pharmaceuticy


Gangstas-not in my hospital!Gang violence is a real and prominent threat in any health care environment. Can you recognize and manage the risks?

Physician unions

Physician unions are bad for patients, government report saysAllowing physicians to bargain collectively "will harm consumers financially and is unlikely to result in quality improvements," according to the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission.

Maryland's nontraditional

Maryland's nontraditional pathway to the doctor of pharmacy degree: Development and improvementThe University of Maryland School of Pharmacy faculty decided in 1989 to move to the Doctor of Pharmacy as the entry-level degree, admitting the first class of PharmD-only students in the Fall of 1993.

National Defense

National Defense Authorization ActROA worked with the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, as well as with the House Reserve Component Caucus and Senate Reserve Caucus during conference, leading to 44 of the issues ROA supported being passed.

Evolution of hospital

Evolution of hospital-based pharmacy teaching programs from 1989 - 1998This study evaluated hospital involvement in pharmacy education. Databases from four U.S. National Clinical Pharmacy Services Studies and the American Hospital Association permitted detailed trend analysis.