Rimonabant Diet Pill

Rimonabant is the first selective CB1 receptor blocker to be approved for use anywhere in the world. In Europe, it is indicated for use in conjunction with diet and exercise for patients with a body mass index greater than 30 kg/m2, or patients with a BMI greater than 27 kg/m2 with associated risk factors, such as type 2 diabetes or dyslipidaemia. In the UK, it has been available since the end of July 2006.

As of 2008, the drug was available in 56 countries. Rimonabant Acomplia works by blocking receptors of a substance called cannabinoid 1, which stimulates hunger and other cravings in the brain and is also present in fat tissue. This receptor is also present in the fat tissue and controls the hunger in the brain.

So when you take this rimonabant drug, you will automatically eat less because you do not feel hunger. As a result you will take less food which helps you to reduce your cholesterol levels. When you start losing weight, the first place you will lose body fat is your mid-section. And your cholesterol will go down and your blood pressure will return to healthy levels. More than 1,500 obese people were given a calorie-controlled diet, with either 5mg or 20mg drug of rimonabant acomplia for each day. After one year, two thirds of the participants taking the largest dose had loss at least 5 percent of their initial weight by using rimonabant acomplia.

39 percent of people loss more than 10 percent of weight by using Rimonabant acomplia. Patients on the 20mg Rimonabant (acomplia) dose loss on average, 4cm from their waist and risk factors for heart disease including raised cholesterol, insulin resistance and the presence of metabolic syndrome improved. Patients who took 20 mg rimonabant for 1 year were then re-randomized to either continue on rimonabant, or to switch to placebo.

Patients who stayed on rimonabant for the second year maintained the same degree of weight loss (they did not lose additional weight,) while those switched to placebo gained weight. At the end of 2 years, patients who took rimonabant for one year and placebo for the second year had about the same amount of overall weight loss as patients who took placebo from the beginning. Clinical trials with a new anti-obesity drug Rimonabant look promising for the weight loss.

The drug rimonabant was developed after scientists noticed that cannabis smokers often had increased appetites and frequently experienced the 'munchies'. Rimonabant (acomplia) is the most trust full pill for obesity. And Rimonabant side effects are very mild so we can use Rimonabant without any fear.

Rimonabant is a wonder drug of the future in regards to weight loss. Rimonabant works in suppressing the appetite, thus resulting in weight loss. You can buy Rimonabant acomplia diet pill online for the treatment of obesity. Rimonabant is a miracle pill for effective weight loss.

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