Investing In Bulgaria Theres Something For Everyone

Located in the Balkans, Bulgaria is a small country with a stormy history. Diverse and picturesque with snow cappedmountains making a backdrop to breathtaking ski runs and winter sports. Where new luxury developments co-exist alongside traditional cottages and inns offering local dishes, accompanied by spontaneous national singing and dancing. Here you can discover how to take it easy and mellow out in a traditional rural village surrounded by picturesque meadows and forest or just enjoy the miles of sandy beaches and clear blue water bathed in dazzling summer sunshine. There are not many areas remaining in Europe that can offer the considerable property investment potential of Bulgaria.

If you're looking for a holiday property, or even just to make some money, not too far from home then start investigating or you could end up kicking yourself for years to come, and there are still some great deals to be had out there. With the collapse of communism in 1989 all travel restrictions were lifted and as a result Bulgaria's Black Sea resorts lost their captive tourist market at once. Much has changed since then, not least the proposed membership to the EU tabled for 2007 by sheer determination and hard work, Bulgaria has heightened its profile by presenting itself at major international tourism trade fairs, bringing about overseas interest, investment and a level of top quality new property developments previously unimagined.

Amost half of Bulgaria is made up of mountains. Rila and Pirin are the largest and are perfect for winter activities. The mountain resort of Bansko Situated at the foothills of the Pirin Mountains recently began a metamorphosis from strictly a winter mountain resort into a year round destination offering golf courses, climbing, cycling, horse riding and hiking appealing to the modern eco-tourist. The alternative winter resorts of Borovets, Pamporovo and Aleko are also following suit.

The capital city is Sofia, home to many national treasures, Roman ruins and cultural attractions. Historically rich with awe-inspiring architecture lining narrow winding streets next to the fantastic new shopping malls. All traces of communism have been left behind and the Bulgarian love of celebration and joie de vivre is apparent throughout the country, particularly in the cities with thriving cafe society, restaurants and a general exhuberance and hopefulness. The original Black Sea coast resorts such as the major ports of Varna, Bourgas and Sunny Beach have recently come into their own. New property development is underway, catering for the increased number of international tourists attracted by the sunny climate, clean beaches and most of all the extremely competitive property prices.

Comparisons to the Spanish resorts in their infancy are justified with activities such as wind surfing, paragliding, waterskiing offered and a wide variety of accommodation, restaurants and entertainment. Not only a land of considerable beauty, contrasts and surprises, Bulgaria has proved to be reviviscent and adaptable. A survivor of Ottoman rule and Communism, it is now a democratic constitutional monarchy with its finger on the pulse.

The comparisons of the Black Sea coast to the Costa del Sol in its nascency are no accident, which is why canny property investors are now viewing the East for investment opportunities.

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